Wood Floor Oiling

Our experienced team provide an unrivalled wood floor oiling service that protects the look and health of your floor for years to come.

Experienced oiling service

Having recently become a popular finish, Floor Oiling is the process of applying a natural oil coating that not only provides a beautiful finish, but also offers a protective layer to your much-loved wooden floor against a range of everyday damages.

Our team at MH Flooring use assured oils with an attractive organic finish that, once soaked into the wood, possesses strong water and other liquid repellent properties, as well as offering scuff and abrasion protection. Floor Oiling is a simple way of extending the lifespan of your wooden floor.

Using high quality oils

What’s great about our oil is that it requires little maintenance and can be reapplied multiple times without the need of sanding. We recommend a recoating every 16-24 months for residential or 6-8 months for commercial use floors to ensure your floor is always securely protected. A recoating also has the benefit of hiding minor damages. Remember, dust and dirt are an oil’s arch enemy, so clean and vacuum often. A damp mop is sufficient, but make sure it is not soaking wet, as an excessive amount of water will cause more harm than good.

Floor oiling is a simple process that takes a short amount of time. However, the current condition of your wooden floor could mean a level of sanding or buffing would be required beforehand, depending on the wear and tear the floor has experienced or if it has any glaring scrapes and scuffs. Oiling a wooden floor with scrapes and scuffs will only make them more noticeable.

To ensure we exceed your expectations we only use the best oils from the very best manufacturers.

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