Wood Floor Sanding

We provide a highly professional floor sanding service for all wood floor types, including parquet floors, hardwood floors and pine floorboards.

Professional Sanding Service

Whether it be a residential or commercial wood floor that needs a bit of a reset, our expert team here at MH Flooring Company are here to provide a professional floor sanding service in South and South West  Wales that is second to none!

Our wood floor sanding service removes what’s left of the old protective coatings of wax, varnish, or oils from your wooden floor in preparation for a new layer of finish to be applied. Wood floor sanding also removes the fine surface layer of the wood, thereby expelling that used, dull, aged look and unmasking the wood’s beautiful original, clean colour and appearance.

What’s great is that our wood floor sanding experts, using our up-to-date machinery, can remove those large prominent and unattractive dents and abrasions that are too big for a buffing machine, resulting in having a wooden floor that is healthy, smooth, and flat, really adding to that new floor look and beauty, while maintaining that aged character built up over time.

We strive to deliver an unmatched professional service that exceeds your expectations. That is why we have invested in an extensive range of equipment  for our wood floor sanding service, ensuring we cover every inch of your hardwood flooring, including those tricky corners, together with a series of different graded sanding sheets to encompass all conditions and species of wood.

To ensure your lasting satisfaction we only use the highest quality finishing products from the very best manufacturers.

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