Parquet Wood Floor Sanding and Repair

We provide a highly professional floor sanding and renovation service for parquet floors around Swansea, Neath, Llanelli and Port Talbot.

Parquet Flooring Restoration

If you’re lucky enough to discover a valuable original parquet floor is hiding under your old carpet and require restoration, or you need to repair old parquet flooring blocks, we can help you. When you consider that installing a new parquet flooring can be expensive, our restoration service can save you a lot of money.

MH Flooring are parquet flooring specialists and we have close working relations with numerous suppliers of reclaimed wood materials. We have many years of experience and can help you sand, replaces and restore your parquet flooring to life.

Even if the repair seems like an easy task to do, but we assure you that it’s better to hire a professional and avoid damaging the wood. We plan every stage of a project with care. We can provide all the necessary floorboards, machinery, and materials. Our team are skilled and experienced veterans of the trade that will bring your wood flooring to life.

Causes of parquet floor damage

Parquet wood floors can be damaged by moisture, sun, high/low temperatures and impacts. Repairing a damaged parquet flooring can be more complex than other types, if a parquet repair service is provided by amateurs you risk causing more damage.

Repair uneven or unfixed parquet planks

If you have uneven or unfixed planks, we recommend replacing planks (depending on their condition). Each case is different but we always provide high quality materials and make sure any new wood will match the old wood.

Repair gaps in parquet flooring

Gaps are common problem with parquetry flooring because there are so many pieces of wood fitted with different angles. Also real wood floors will shrink or enlarge with moisture and extreme temperatures. Depending on the situation we might use floor filler to fill the gaps and sand over, but if the damage is worse we might take a different approach.

Restore dull and worn parquet wood

We can make your dull and worn flooring look fresh and new by sanding, sealing and refinishing. We can sand real wood flooring without losing its original beauty and design. Parquet floor sanding should be carried out by experts with professional equipment due to the complexity of the floor pattern and direction of the wood.