Wood Floor Restorations

We provide a highly professional floor restoration services for all wood floor types, including parquet floors, hardwood floors and pine floorboards.

Wood Floor Restorations

MH Flooring’s wood floor restoration service in South Wales is the complete overhaul. Our team of hardwood flooring professionals cover every step of our restoration service, from repair to finishing, returning your hardwood floor to its original strength and health, along with a new and pristine appearance you desire.

To begin with, we assess the current condition and health of your floor. We repair any board or joist which has taken large damage or has deteriorated due to neglect or wear and tear; any irreparable timber will otherwise be replaced using reclaimed boards matching your wooden floor in both colour and age. Loose boards will again be fixed with glue or nails, guaranteeing all nails used are securely places and are not protruding. We ensure your entire hardwood floor has been examined and fixed before moving on the next stage of the restoration service.

 We then move on to our wood floor sanding and buffering. Here is where we clean up the timber, remove minor damages and eliminate the pre-existing sealant, all in preparation for the resealing stage of our wood floor restoration service. What happens in this stage and the time of completion is entirely dependent on the condition and the work required for your floor, however, you will be fully informed from our quote, so no hidden extra costs will appear. Buffing will remove any minor damages such as stains and scratches, while our sanding service will remove the slightly larger imperfections, leaving a desirable smooth and flat surface. Also, the now thin, dull top layer of your wood floor will be sanded away, revealing the original, beautiful colour and grain you initially fell in love with.

Now that your hardwood floor is immaculate, level, and damage free, your wood floor can then be refinished. We have a vast range of wood floor sealants for you to choose from to protect and revitalise your floor. We have natural and organic oil finishes, polyurethane, varnish and wax available; which finish we use for the restoration service is down to you (although help and recommendations will always be available from us). At this point in the restoration process, it is also possible to stain your hardwood floor, if you fancy a little change to the appearance and colour of your hardwood floor. We at MH Flooring have made a name for ourselves in South Wales with our hardwood flooring restoration service. If you’d like to have a trusting, friendly and experienced team who will advise on the perfect solutions to get the maximum beauty and protection from your wood floor, you can call us.

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